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Welcome To AFRIQIA HR Solutions

Afriqia HR Solutions is a Sierra Leone based consultancy, established in 2013, which offers a premier service to its clients focused on the principle of talent and organization. We benefit from partnerships with consultants located all around the world in different fields that help us in our recruitment and strategy development service to cater to our wide array of clients.


Time to Talk:
Mental Wellbeing and the Sierra Leonean Workplace

One of the big elephants, and there are many, in Sierra Leonean workplaces remain to be how we approach staff wellbeing and more specifically how we approach conversations around Mental wellbeing with our most valuable assets, our people. Through a series of approaches, during 2021, Afriqia HR Solutions will embark on an active national conversation around how we are approaching mental wellbeing and what tangible steps we can all start to take in our workplaces to create for more sensitive, conducive and empowering environments.     read more

Afriqia Hr Solutions

What We Do

Our work is based on the principle of talent acquisition and talent nourishment; Contributing to a team and helping a team reach its full potential. This manifests itself in the different services we offer. We work with clients to solve their recruitment, personnel and strategic needs. We believe that companies who work on always ensuring their HR needs are met are best equipped to ensure their general business strategy is implemented and successful.

Through our network we are able to reach hard to find candidates and deliver appropriate solutions to clients in real time; reducing both the time to hire and cost per hire whilst ensuring the quality of service remains consistent.

We help clients deal with talent shortages in certain markets, while having to reshape and advise on strategy in others. In addition, we offer a range of consultancy services and training in various areas.

Afriqia Hr Solutions

Our Clients