Communication Skills Trainer

Start Date: September 9th, 2019
Work Area: Freetown Sierra Leone (Open to all nationalities)
Employer: Schooling For Life
Application Deadline: Monday 16th August, 2019

Application Instructions: Submit CV and Cover Letter to with “Communication Skills Trainer” in Subject Line.

  • Background

    Schooling for LIFE (SFL) is a growing organization operational in Freetown, Sierra Leone, since 2014 with the aim of giving talented and motivated youths the tools to build a successful future. The objective of the programme is primarily to bridge the gap between youths who can’t find work and employers who can’t find skilled employees.

    The programme offers an intense three pillar education package consisting of:

    • Scholarships for the vocational education of a student’s choice.
    • Extra-curricular skills training at a Schooling for Lifetraining centre.
    • Personal guidance by a professional guidance counsellor.
    The programme is open to eligible Sierra Leonean youths between the ages of 15 up to 25. Schooling for Life is looking for a candidate who will serve as Communication Skills Trainer.

  • Key Purpose

    To improve the ability to inform and persuade and enhance verbal and written communication skill.

  • Key Teaching Topics

    • Categories/Types of Communication
    • Verbal/ Non-Verbal Communication
    • Effective Listening
    • Questioning Skills
    • Barriers to Effective Communication
    • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Social vs. Work Related Communication
    • Communication in the Workplace
    • Verbal vs. Written Formal/Informal Communication (writing work emails)
  • Duties

    • Attend Schooling for Life Training of Trainers.
    • Plan and conduct the trainings.
    • Prepare curriculum and lesson plans in advance.
    • Conduct a 2-hour session once per week for the length of the course (depends on the subject).
    • Conduct regular assessments of students’ learning and development, and adjust pace accordingly.
    • Conduct and produce students’ progress updates and reports to Schooling for Life.
    • Implement Schooling for Life teaching methods.
    • Prepare and deliver exams, reference, marking schemes, and results according to SFL format.
    • Make sure students remain time conscious.
    • Make sure all Schooling for Life rules and regulations are upheld during class.
    • Plans and creates interesting and participatory activities to improve learners’ skills.
  • Education & Experience

    • Bachelor’s Degree in any related field.
    • The ideal trainer should have a subject relevant qualification to support the training/training experience he/she has, or at least commendable experience in training related to negotiation skills, problem solving technics, developing morals and values, personal responsibility (at work and in society), assertiveness, and creative and critical thinking; and with a track record of training young people.
    • Experience in Sierra Leone job market related training.
    • Experience in working with youths/young people.
  • Qualities and Skills

    • Fluent in English (oral and written) and Krio.
    • Ability to adapt to change.
    • Ability to transform complicated topics/issues into easy and clear information.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Ability to demonstrate patience while working with a variety of students that lack confidence.
    • Excellent presentation, feedback, and coaching skills.
    • Ability to analyse students and advising on progress.
    • Excellent in student focused teaching.
    • Ability to plan and organize training lessons/curriculum.
    • Ability to guide groups.


CVs from University leavers in Sierra Leone are welcome and will be considered for entry level positions and for internships. When submitting your CV for open consideration, please accompany with a cover letter clearly indicating job interest.

All candidates must be able to work in the English Language. Applications are welcome from both within and outside Sierra Leone.