GCSE Chemistry Teacher

Employer: British International School Sierra Leone
Reporting to: Principal
Application Deadline: 16th August 2021
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone. Open to all nationalities.
Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions: Submit CV and Cover Letter to with “GCSE Chemistry Teacher” in Subject Line.

Disclaimer: The school takes safeguarding of children very seriously and all staff will be subject to rigorous checks and the interview process will include safeguarding and staff conduct

  • Key Purpose

    To facilitate student learning and understanding of Chemistry through guided inquiry, direct instruction, investigations, problem solving, discussions and class preparations, classroom management as well as developing and grading assessments.

  • Duties

    • To plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning.
    • To develop schemes of work, lesson plans and tests that are in accordance with established procedures.
    • To instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment.
    • To manage student behaviour in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.
    • To maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school.
    • To observe and evaluate student's performance and development, and provide appropriate feedback.
    • To encourage and monitor progress of individual students and use information to adjust teaching strategies.
    • To maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development.
    • To update necessary records accurately and completely as required by laws, national policies and school regulations.
    • To prepare required reports on students and activities.
    • To communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues and parents/guardians regarding student progress and student needs.
    • To stablish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
    • To prepare classroom for class activities.
    • To locate/create/provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities.
    • To assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments.
  • Classroom Responsibilities

    • Understanding the curriculum and developing schedules, lesson plans, and teaching methods that will help students cover the required content.
    • Preparing and delivering lessons that are stimulating and clear.
    • Educating students on lab safety and ensuring all experiments are carried out responsibly.
    • Setting up tests, assignments, experiments, and grading students fairly.
    • Ensuring appropriate resources and consultation times are available to students.
    • Mentoring and providing support to student teachers.
    • Attending staff and parent meetings, conferences, workshops, and other continuing education programs.
    • Informing and preparing students for science fairs and expos.
    • Handling various administration functions, which include updating student records and keeping track of lab supplies, tools, and equipment.
    • Ensuring a safe, healthy classroom environment where learning can take place.
  • Duty of Care

    • Take reasonable care to ensure students do not meet with foreseeable injury. You have a duty to protect the students against foreseeable risks of personal injury or harm.
    • The standard of care is that of a reasonably prudent parent. The measure of duty placed on the teacher is ‘to take such care of his/her pupils as a careful parent would of his/her children.
    • The degree of care depends on such factors as the age of the students.
    • The duty of care applies while the students are on the school premises during school opening hours. It may also apply if the students are present outside of official school hours, e.g. If they arrive early or leave late.
    • The same duty of care applies if you voluntarily supervise students.
    • You are required to follow good standards and approved practice. Risky classes and activities require a greater degree of supervision. If goggles, protective clothing etc., are supplied for certain activities, it is the teacher's duty to ensure that they are worn.
    • Whether you are found negligent in the event of accidents will be influenced by whether the incident that occurred could reasonably have been foreseen.
    • Provided you apply your professional judgement, training and experience to situations in a reasonable manner, seeking to promote the best interests of students in your care, your obligations will have been met.
    • The level of supervision required in school tours and activities out of the school premises is the same as for other activities, in and out of school.
    • The legal liability of an individual teacher or head teacher for an injury which is sustained by a student on a school outing or excursion depends on whether or not the injury to the student is a direct result of some negligence or breach of the duty of care on your part of. There is no legal liability for any injury sustained by students unless there is proven negligence.
  • Education and Experience

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or a related discipline.
    • Minimum of three years prior teaching experience in science or chemistry in a school setting.
    • Proven experience conducting laboratory experiments with students..
  • Qualities and Skills

    • Knowledge of and training in chemical and laboratory preparation and safety.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills.
    • Strong problem-solving skills.
    • Ability to engage students in lab experiments and discussions.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Sound knowledge of health and safety regulations.


CVs from University leavers in Sierra Leone are welcome and will be considered for entry level positions and for internships. When submitting your CV for open consideration, please accompany with a cover letter clearly indicating job interest.

All candidates must be able to work in the English Language. Applications are welcome from both within and outside Sierra Leone.