Duration of Role: 3 Years (Renewable for two terms)
Reporting to: Board of Trustees
Deadline: 6th August, 2021  Open to all nationalities Salary: Voluntary/Unremunerated

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions:
To apply enter “Treasurer” in subject line and email with a Cover Letter and CV attached.


  • Role Purpose & Context

    The board of trustees sets the strategic direction for GESL to achieve our vision to nurture and enhance the leadership skills of young girls to become effective advocates & social change agents in their communities

  • Key Duties & Responsibilities

      GESL trustees must ensure compliance with relevant charity related laws:

    • Ensure GESL:
      a) Complies with relevant governance laws relating to Financial Management in GESL’s areas of operation.
      b) Reports diligently and accurately to all funding partners.
      c) Pursues its objectives as defined by the organisation’s mission.
      d) Uses its resources to further the delivery of its objectives and strategic vision.
      e) Has effective and efficient
      f) Is financially stable
    • Safeguard the values, integrity and reputation of GESL.
    • Protect and ensure sound management of GESL’s property and resources.
    • Contribute actively the board of trustees by providing strategic insights working together with other trustees to set clear targets and evaluate the organisation’s performance against these agreed targets.
    • Monitor the performance of the Executive Director and leadership team as required and appropriate.

      All trustees have the following responsibilities:

    • Read all board papers
    • Attend board meeting, engaging fully and offering thoughts and scrutiny
    • Offer advise in relevant areas of expertise
    • Provide close technical support and guidance and assistance to help aid GESL’s performance where possible
    • Support in fundraising efforts (board contributions or partner introductions)

      As treasurer, you will have the following responsibilities and duties:

    • Lead the development of financial policies and procedures
    • Overseeing the presentation of budgets, management accounts and annual financial statements to the Board of Trustees.
    • Steering the board’s duty to ensure that proper accounting records are kept, financial resources are managed and well spent in line with good governance and regulatory requirements.
    • Liaising with the Executive Director, Country Advisor, Country Coordinator and the Finance Team to monitor GESL’s financial activities.
    • Monitor and advise on decisions to preserve the organisation’s financial health and wellbeing.
    • Liaise with external auditors to fulfil relevant audit duties.
    • Build the capacity of the finance team to ensure growth in the ability to fulfil the organisation’s financial management responsibilities.
  • Person Specification

    • Prior non-executive board or charitable trustee experience in desirable
    • Professional expertise/ knowledge in fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, organisational growth and expansion are especially welcome
    • Demonstratable commitment to girls’ empowerment and equality and a willingness to support feminist leadership.
  • Benefits

    • Opportunity to impact the lives of girls in Africa
    • Exposure to an expansive network and community of practitioners, professionals and philanthropists supporting girls work in Africa
    • Opportunity to learn within a growing organization and first-hand knowledge on girls work


CVs from University leavers in Sierra Leone are welcome and will be considered for entry level positions and for internships. When submitting your CV for open consideration, please accompany with a cover letter clearly indicating job interest.

All candidates must be able to work in the English Language. Applications are welcome from both within and outside Sierra Leone.