Why Choose Us

One of the benefits for growing businesses of using Afriqia HR Solutions is the exposure that the client receives to fresh, neutral and unbiased advice, available talents and candidate expectations.

We work both online and offline, using conventional as well as non-conventional methods. These are all deployed to ensure that searches are thorough and meet the needs of our clients by presenting them with meticulously selected candidates.

Afriqia HR Solutions places a strong emphasis on understanding of context. We are not a recruitment company eager to make its cut through assigning candidates. We provide a service that studies your business family to ensure the most suitable addition is recommended. We believe in an honest approach and practice that through each service we offer. This attitude not only manifests itself in how we work but even in how we request for payments. Through honesty, meticulousness and the desire to have a long-term relationship with our clients we pride ourselves in our first class service.